I feel like a lot of girls are like, “nah I am not into corny stuff” just to impress guys, but I’m really not. I can be head over heels for a guy and nothing possesses me to say “You are the sunlight to my life my little seed” in a serious tone. That right there is the type of line I would say to be weird and jokingly or maybe I can get a little corny on a birthday card or some shit, but It actually turns me off when guys say really corny things unless it’s like a once in a life time type way.

In a relationship I look for a bestfriend. Who I can be extremely weird yet still love and tell them that they are the shit. Don’t get me wrong I love flowers and surprises but corny ass lines have never been my thing. If you text me or say that shit I might smile because I was raised with manners but in my mind i’m like “thiiiiissssss fool.. let me throw the fuck up. Losing points, my mans.”

lmaoooo YO. THIS. I can remember as far back at in sixth grade, dudes would call my house phone and say, “What are you thinking about?” Trying to be cute and hear me be like, “you omg” but I would give them the waka “okay” face and be like… “Idk?” Bc If I was to answer honestly that shit would be like I’m hungry and i’m thinking about why the hell i’m wasting my time on the phone with a lame like you. I hate that shit.

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